More City Life Screen Shots


Here are some screen shots from one of my older cities. I'm no longer working on this one - it's one of my first and as I learned more about creating custom buildings, modifying bridge parameters and so on, the more the city started to look old and 'stale' and got shelved.


rich neighborhood

cruise ship port

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A Night on the Town...


We'll start the evening off early by having a few drinks sitting on the fire escape before heading across the street to the Lounge Club for a few more drinks.


After relaxing for a bit at the lounge, we're off to the Punk club to catch one of the newest bands to hit the New York scene.


After the band finishes, its off to the trance club for some dancing.


And finally we'll finish off the night by kicking back and listening to the soothing sounds of the blues and the Blues Club.


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Public Green Space


You can't have a city without any public green space - that is, public spaces with grass. Sure, paved plazas look great with their geometric shapes and fountains. But every now and then, your average citizen will want to throw a ball around, or maybe run around with their pets, or let the little... er, wait, it sounds like I am some sort of real life city planner.

Lets get back to why we want green space in our simulated cities - specifically City Life. There are really only two reasons - 1) To boost desirability 2) make your city look good.


Unfortunately, City Life doesn't come with big, green space parks that look good, and they are just one shape - rectangular.

To be able to make multiple green parks of various shapes and sizes, I created a park building 'tool kit'. Basically several lots that look and work well together.


By doing this, I can 'stitch' together mulitple 'mini' parks to create on large park.


The effect is quite nice, if I do say so myself.


Civ City Rome


Various Screen Shots from Civ City: Rome.






City Life Building Editor


One thing that I really like about City Life is the Building Customization Editor. It literally gives everyone the ability to create custom buildings and lots without having to learn a complex 3D application such as 3DMax. While you can't create completely new buildings in the Building Customization Editor, you can take the parts of a in-game building and rearange them to create a totally new looking building.

For example, this is the Suits school as it originally appears:


And here is a museum for the Fringe that I made by modifying the Suits School using the Building Customization Editor:


And here is another building as in its original form:


And my version:


And one more example of a custom building:


Sometime soon I plan to make a tutorial on how to customize a building using the Building Customization Editor. As always, click on the image to view the full size.

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